Hello World. (Let’s try this blogging thing again)

It has come to my attention that I should give blogging a try.  Which really means trying again.  One person has been particularly nudgy since his #rhizo15 course launched a couple of weeks ago (Yes you @davecormier). It probably surprises him that I even had a wordpress site to begin with. (See, I know the mechanics). Another friend suggested it would be good for me and that I should consider it a “conditioning program for the brain.” (Which really gave me pause on what the perceived condition of my brain is. But enough of this digression).

It has been four years and two jobs ago since I last touched this space. I somehow remembered the site password but I can barely remember the birth dates of my immediate family members. (Maybe my brain does need some conditioning?)

I could make excuses that my dissertation has preoccupied me. That life, kids and work sucked up the precious spare brain cells that are needed to thoughtfully curate this piece of digital parchment. Yet these are not unique or exceptional reasons to have been away. I was a voracious participant in all manner of twitter edu chats up until 4 years ago. Heck, I used to teach a social media course at one of my previous universities and blogging was a central aspect.

But I gradually transitioned into an observer role, chiming in selectively here and there, invisibly skipping around the interwebs at my leisure, replacing my normal diet of non-fiction essay style books for blogs (and happily so).  I feel less compelled to jump directly into the virtual conversational fray and would rather turn to the person next to me (and most often it’s @mprutter these days) to say “what do you make of this?” Or I turn to the old school backchannel of backchannels, (chat)  for some 1:1 dialogue. I only half joked today that after turning 40 I seem to be technologically regressing on my preferred modes of digital interaction.

I am a verbal and visual thinker. I am rather keen on moving air with my words (just ask my husband) and drawing diagrams on writable walls.  But even I can’t disagree too much with a few of my peers that a blog might be worth doing to clear out a bit of the academic buildup of “stuff” and inner monologues that fill my mind on my train ride home. And let’s face it, to lurk on #rhizo15 is missing the entire point of the process. So, hello world.