Watching Digital Nation Feb 2nd –will you?

Frontline officially premieres its Digital Nation documentary Tuesday, February 2nd at 9pm. The full video is already posted online. I’ve asked my online Emerging Technology students to tune in and participate in the live twitter feed found at #dig_nat . They will also tweet to our course hashtag #ecomp7010.  We haven’t even got a full week of class under our belts and we are going full throttle into the world of Twitter while we watch a documentary that examines and questions this very behavior of instant connectivity and communication. Poetic? Maybe.

99% of my students are current teachers with the average time in the classroom around 10 years. Almost all of them are new to Twitter as of this week. So either they are going to get a kick out of this or tear their hair out.  Or both.  I am curious to see how all of it transpires.  I am curious to see how I facilitate via this medium or if I really need to. When you teach a class called Emerging Technologies one thing is certain that no matter how much you prepare and plan, you are flying by the seat of your pants for most of the time. There is always something new to try, and new products or announcements pop-up  (iPad anyone?) that need to be addressed.

More on Wednesday about our Twitter experience and also thoughts about the series.


Author: rpetersmauri

Eternal student. Previous research director at Engineering online experiential learning environments at Northeastern U, teaching learning analytics at Brandeis U.

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